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Photopus allows you to batch edit numerous pictures
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A task I personally find pretty tedious and inconvenient when creating photo albums is editing all the necessary pictures to make them belong to a time sequence or making them fit a certain style. A solution I came up with was Photopus.

The purpose of this application is to help you save time and effort when batch editing a large number of photos. I was very pleased of the interface's simplicity as all the steps I had to perform were nicely presented on the left side of the screen and very easy to complete.
An aspect that will probably impress you as well is the multitude of visual effects you can apply to your photos, like resizing, contrast adjustment, dilate, erode, smooth and many more. Plus, for each selected effect, you get to additional settings and a preview window to make sure you get the results you need.

There's only one thing you should take into account: the projects can be saved only with the PHTS extension. If you can pass that, my guess is that Photopus might prove to be a very smart and cheap choice.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports batch processing
  • Supports many image formats
  • Dozens of visual effects
  • Fast processing


  • Unable to save the projects with other extension than PHTS
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