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Versatile yet simple image editor and converter for the amateur photographer
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Photopus is a versatile yet easy-to-use image editor and converter with nearly all known image file formats support. The program offers you powerful batch capabilities that will allow you to rename, rotate, convert, retouch, or resize as many pictures as your drives can store in one single operation. Besides, its simple interface makes it suitable for all types of users.

Though the number of supported image file formats is somehow limited for the output, Photopus can transform your photographs into any of the 14 most widely used image types, including JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, ICO, and GIF. As for the input, things get even better, as Photopus can open not only almost every known image format out there, but also dozens of RAW image types from the most prestigious camera manufacturers, such as Minolta, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji or Canon.

The program’s batch capabilities allow you to select any combination of files from this extensive list of formats and perform as many tasks as is required all in just one go. Actually, you may only need to click on the “Process” button once to resize, blur, rotate, rename, clean, and convert all your photo collections at once. Things don’t get much simpler than that. You can combine any number of tasks from various options available into one big batch job. Thus, you can perform color and red-eye corrections, remove noise and despeckle your photos to enhance, crop and clip them, add nice-looking black and white, sepia or negative effects, and – at the same time – Photopus changes their size, name, and format. All in one simple operation.

I won’t say this is a professional tool, but it makes a certain offer not like other “pro” tools out there. Actually, there is a Pro version of Photopus, with more RAW formats and some multi-page PDF support, but all the editing features, all the filters and effects that you will get in the Pro version are already implemented in this free version. This is not a demo of Photopus Pro – this is a true, free utility that you can install and enjoy without any time limitation. So, if it is a use simplicity and wide format support that you are looking for, it will do you no harm to give it a try.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extensive list of input formats supported
  • Supports most of the best-known RAW file formats
  • Attractive interface
  • Batch processing


  • Limited file renaming options
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