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Apply multiple effects and editing functions to multiple images files in one go
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Photopus is a versatile photo editor that allows you to apply any combination of multiple effects and editing functions to multiple images files at once, in batches. The program is very simple and easy to use, and includes a special panel where you can preview the results before actually processing your source image files. Photopus can work with files in practically all known image formats.

Editing hundreds or thousands of images in several ways at once can be done with just a few clicks, thanks to the program's practical interface which acts as a wizard. In the first step, you can add any number of source images or photos, either by individual files or by folders. Photopus supports a really large number of image formats including the well-known JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JP2, PSD, TGA, PNG, ICO, CUR and WMF, as well as not-very-popular ones like EXR, PNM, XPM, IFF, MNG, RLE, SGI and XBM, among many others. A myriad of camera raw formats are also supported, including those of the major manufacturers worldwide.

In the second step you can configure any number of "filters", which are the effects and editing functions you can apply to your source images. Each function opens its own window for you to adjust its corresponding parameters, and then the function is added to the filters list. They include, but are not limited to color adjustments (brightness, contrast, color balance, gamma correction and hue/saturation), crop, flip, rotate, Black & White/Sepia, Blur, diffuse, emboss, noise reduction, negative, pixelize, sharpen, soften, swirl, twirl and wave effects. Besides, you can also enable the automatic rename and/or resize of your files, the latter in pixels or percentage values.

In the third and last step you can configure the output settings including the destination folder an the output format and quality. Unfortunately, there's no option to keep the images' original format, so that all your resulting ones will be converted into the selected format. By the way, the list of the available output formats is much more modest than the list of the supported source ones, but includes all the most popular ones. Finally, you can click on the "Process" button to start applying the configured changes to your source images. The program provides very good conversion and edition speeds.

In conclusion, Photopus provides you with an easy way to apply multiple effects to any number of source images or photos, quickly and easily. The program can be truly and indefinitely used for free, however, a few options like conversion from/to PDF format are not available in this edition and require upgrading to the Pro (and paid) edition of the program.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Edits any number of source images in multiple ways, in one go
  • Supports a really large number of source formats
  • Provides a large number of effects and editing functions
  • Converts image files between formats
  • Renames your image files in batches
  • Provides very good conversion and edition speeds


  • Doesn't keep the images original format
  • Some options are included but won't work in the free edition
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